Featuring Cadet Noah Feato, now a firefighter in the Federal Fire Department, Class of 2023. Each docuseries episode of Perseverance chronicles a cadet’s journeys and shares their “Why.” Perseverance is an HFA co-creation and is produced by Cadet Branden Simon. Click to view past episodes.

Our Vision

Become a legacy organization because of our core practices and the value we bring to communities in order to expand beyond Hawaii.

Our Mission

To listen, learn, implement and inspire our future generations.

Who We Are

The Ho’omau Fire Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supported by volunteers from relevant professions who mentor and guide young adults for a career in Public Service.

HFA focuses on a personalized Academy experience for each cadet by enhancing their strengths and identifying their challenges to sharpen the necessary tools in pursuing any career trade.

What We Do

We invest in our communities, our families and our youth.  Solid leadership and sound mentorship will shape a foundation for future generations to thrive in Hawaii.

What’s proven successful in our organization is structure and discipline.  We instill core values such as Perseverance, Integrity, Honor, Respect and Tradition.

Why We Do It

As we see the forecast for our future, we are focused on supporting generations in Hawaii.  The notion of “greener pastures” is luring our future leaders to seek options elsewhere, but we intend to help open more opportunities here.

We are passionate about launching our cadets into a life-long career that provides options for a bright future and lifestyle.