Featuring Cadet Noah Feato, now a firefighter in the Federal Fire Department, Class of 2023. Each docuseries episode of Perseverance chronicles a cadet’s journeys and shares their “Why.” Perseverance is an HFA co-creation and is produced by Cadet Branden Simon. Click to view past episodes.

Our Mission

To invest in our youth by providing professional development and mentorship for kids and young adults between the ages of 16-24.

About Us

The Ho’omau Fire Academy (HFA) was founded in 2022 by a group of firefighters in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Our organization offers tuition-free immersive courses for 16-24 yr. olds aspiring to become community service professionals. The curriculum includes career-building guidance, interpersonal skills development, as well as first-hand experience with the physical rigor of firefighter training and EMS practices.