-No hats unless authorized by Ho‘omau Fire Academy

-Uniform t-shirt (Cadet T-Shirt) unless changed by Ho’omau Fire Academy

-Initial Uniform T-Shirt will be provided by Ho‘omau Fire Academy. Any additional t-shirts will be purchased by the Cadet

-Uniform Pants will be Navy blue in color and preferably Dickies or Red Kap. Pants will be the responsibility of each Cadet. Uniform Pants will be worn comfortably around the waist and not present a “baggy” or ”show underwear.” Uniform Pants will also be hemmed to a presentable length. “Presentable” is defined as having one break at most. Length should not reach or drag on the ground

-Belt will be black in color and should be for industrial use (not a black dress belt). No other colors are acceptable

-Boots must be black in color. Boots do not need to be “steel toe”. Boots should be polished at the heel and toe at a minimum but preferably the entire boot

-Jackets is not authorized unless approved by Ho‘omau Fire Academy. If a cadet gets cold at anytime he/she may use a HFA hoodie or an approved jacket

-Proper Attire: The proper way to wear our uniform is with your uniform t-shirt tucked in and in full ensemble. Pants, belt, boots and no shirt is considered “out of regulation”

-Wearing your Ho‘omau Uniform outside of the Academy should be kept to a minimum. EXAMPLE: get dressed at home and proceed directly to the Academy. Making lengthy stops is not recommended for the sole reason of spontaneous emergency response. EXPLANATION: Because your t-shirt says “Fire Academy” you may be easily mistaken as a professional firefighter and may be expected to provide aid (in some cases CPR) to a bystander


-Male Cadets will have a professional haircut. Faddish hairstyles/cuts (i.e. mullets, bowl, tails or man bun) are unauthorized. Any Cadet who is found to be out of standard will be warned [first offense], and dismissed [second offense]

-Female Cadets will have a professional haircut. Hair that extend beyond the bottom of the collar must be tied up. Ponytails are not authorized. Long hair should be placed in a bun and able to be accommodate a fire helmet. Any hair that prevents you from donning a helmet is considered “out of regulation”. Any hair color beyond normal or professional will be considered “out of regulation”

-Piercing: No piercing’s of any type or style is not authorized. This includes any studs that are through a Cadets tongue. Any Cadet who is “out of regulation” will be warned on [first offense], and dismissed on [second offense]

-Jewelry: Jewelry (i.e. chains, rings, bracelets, chokers, earrings, studs, etc.) is not authorized. Watches are also NOT AUTHORIZED

-Tattoos: Tattoos that are considered “in poor taste” or contain profanity, nudity or considered  unacceptable [by Ho‘omau Fire Academy Standards] will be covered and at the expense of the Cadet. Cadet will receive a warning and explanation of the violation for [first offense], and dismissed on [second offense]

- Hair Gel: Authorized (in moderation). Keep in mind that you may be sharing a helmet

-Mustaches: Acceptable but must be neatly groomed

-Beards: Not authorized. Firefighters “on the job” are not allowed to have beards in order to maintain a proper seal for their Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Mask (similar to a dive mask)

-Soul Patch (hair below a man’s bottom lip) is acceptable but not recommended. Most fire department’s allow soul patch style facial hair after completion of recruit academy but not while in the recruit academy. This may minimize your opportunity to get hired depending on the department you are applying for. Best Practice: No soul patch

-Makeup: Females and males should avoid wearing makeup. You should expect to get sweaty, and getting makeup on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will make for unsanitary conditions for the next Cadet using the PPE

-Hygiene: All Cadets are advised that proper hygiene is a MUST! With communal exposures at risk, it’s our job to minimize this risk. Cadets are reminded to take a bath, wash hands, brush teeth, comb hair and wash your uniform regularly. Reminder: We will be sharing PPE’s so keep your fellow Cadets in mind regarding cleanliness and usability of the equipment

Disclaimer: Any/All of the rules above are subject to change. Any modification or deletion must be approved by Ho‘omau Fire Academy Executive Board. No exceptions.

My signature indicates that I understand and agree to uphold all of the Uniform & Grooming Standards.