The attendance policy of the Ho‘omau Fire Academy is as follows:

1. Cadets are required to be in attendance for 6 consecutive Saturday’s (6 week class) or 6 consecutive days (one week class) or any day identified by the administration.

2. Any Cadet who will miss a day “MUST” request an “excused absence” from the Instructor Group with as much notice as possible. The definition of “excused absence” is listed below.

3. Any Cadet granted an excused absence will be required to make up the missed day during the following Academy class. Cadet may graduate with his/her class but will not receive a Certificate of Completion until the missed day is completed. Said Cadet will not receive a “Character Reference” letter even after missed day is completed.

4. Once the missed day is completed, the Cadet will receive a “Certificate of Completion.”

5. A “no call, no show” is considered an “unexcused absence”. If a Cadet is a “no call, no show” he/she will be dismissed from the class. The definition of “unexcused absence” is listed below.

6. Being tardy is treated similar to excused and unexcused absences. If a Cadet is tardy, but calls an Instructor or Executive Board member to inform him/her of his or her tardiness, the cadet MAY be excused. The decision to excuse or not excuse a Cadet will be made by a member of the Executive Board or his/her designatee. In the event a/all members of the Executive Board is unavailable to make the final decision, the final decision will be made by the President. If a Cadet is tardy but does not call, he/she will be treated as an unexcused absence and will be dismissed from the Academy. Exceptions can be made if extenuating circumstances are determined by the Executive Board.

7. The Executive Board reserves the right to make exceptions if needed. In the event the vote of the Executive Board results in a tie, the tiebreaker will be the decision of the Lead Instructor.


Excused Absence: A day or time that is missed but approved by the Executive Board of the Ho‘omau Fire Academy. An approved excused absence must meet the following:

1. Request made by the Cadet
2. Request approved by the Executive Board
3. Reason for absence is undisputed
4. Absence is granted with the understanding that the only means of satisfactorily completing the Academy is the day missed is made up during the following class. In the event the day is not completed, the Cadet will officially be dismissed and released. Unexcused Absence: “No call, no show.” A Cadet will be dismissed with no possibility of successfully completing the Academy.

Tardy: Cadet who is late for Class. A Cadet who will be late for class “MUST” make contact to one of the Instructors and be approved for late arrival.

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